Pre-travel consult

The Pre-travel health consult will give you an opportunity to receive professional advice on keeping healthy and minimizing risks while traveling. The consult will include but be limited to the following areas:

  • Assessment of your medical history and  current travel plans
  • Recommendations for vaccinations and medications required for your trip
  • Administration of vaccines where appropriate for your trip
  • Advice on managing your medical conditions and treatments while traveling
  • Advice on safety and other health concerns in the countries you will be visiting
  • Documentation of your visit for you and your family physician
  • Recommendations for a travel first aid and other travel needs

Preparing for your appointment

We recommend that you have your consultation about 6 weeks prior to your departure date to ensure enough time to receive all vaccination doses that you may require. Don’t worry if your travel plans give you less advance notice we can still assess your case and tailor your vaccinations to a more rapid schedule if possible. Once you have booked an appointment, you should fill out a Pre-Travel Screening Form which can be downloaded here or picked up in the pharmacy. Completion of this form prior to your appointment allows us to spend more of the appointment time discussing your health and travel.