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Medscheck Assessment

At Richmond Village Pharmacy we take a more personal approach than big chain pharmacies. We only do a MedsCheck when we believe it is in the best interests of the patient. We sit down with the patient in our private counseling office and review the medicines as well as any outstanding health concerns. We focus on education and self-management, and aim to identify problems that the patient may be experiencing with their medicines, help them learn more about their medicines, improve their effective use of medicines and educate them about correct storage of medicines.

There is no charge for Ontario residents for a yearly MedsCheck so come and chat with us to ensure you’re getting the best out of your medications.

Medscheck for Diabetes

MedsCheck for diabetes is specifically targeted for diabetics We review diabetes along with the role of medications, diet and exercise in protecting the patient’s health. It is also an opportunity for our pharmacist to advise the patient on medical devices and blood sugar monitoring.

All patients with diabetes are eligible for this review including those rare cases where the person is not taking any medications. The object of the review is patient education and empowerment leading to a better quality of life and longevity.

There is no charge for a yearly MedsCheck for diabetes consult. Come and chat with us and we’ll take care of your health.

Medscheck at Home

If you or a family member are unable to visit our pharmacy, the pharmacist can come to your home for a one on one consultation about your medicines and health concerns. The pharmacist will also conduct a medicine cabinet clean-up during the visit and remove any unneeded/expired medication for proper disposal at the pharmacy.

  • Ensure safe, effective and appropriate use of all types of medications and medication devices.
  • Promote healthier patient outcomes and quality of life.
  • Ensure the proper disposal of unused and/or expired medication.

Diabetes Risk Assessment

The incidence of diabetes in Canada is rising dramatically. There are estimated to be over 3 million diabetics in Canada with this number projected to rise to over 5 million within 10 years.

The best way to reduce your chances of becoming diabetic is through good education regarding risk factors and lifestyle.

We offer a diabetes risk assessment consultation where we review your health and background along with a blood sugar reading to determine your chances of developing diabetes.

If you are at moderate to high risk of developing diabetes we can advise you on how to slow or even reduce your risk of developing the condition.